The Panel

Keli Johnson

Keli is an Entrepreneur. Never afraid to take risks and endeavour in new opportunities. Director of her own Events Management Company and also a DJ.

With a young son, Keli is passionate about helping young people and women. Keli wants to help others by speaking on issues that she has faced over the years including – peer pressure, remaining focused on your goals no matter what, motherhood woes; racial discrimination in business and also coming out of an abusive relationship and owning her path.

Maintaining the balance of running a business and being a single mum along with the good and bad life sometimes throws at you; Keli is an example of someone who has overcome many hurdles and breaking points by remaining ambitious, determined and focused but most importantly. By never giving up.

Keli Johnson – “Never stop trying, never stop believing; never give up, as difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations”

Chloe Bestoyong

Chloe is an Empowerment Coach, Model and a domestic violence/mental health advocate.

Having been exposed to domestic abuse as a child and then experiencing it herself later in life, which subsequently affected her mental health especially during and post children, she is now an advocate on speaking about women’s issues but also passionate about raising awareness for men’s mental health.

Chloe often collaborates with other organisations and individuals to raise awareness and to get others speaking on issues that are often seen as ‘taboo’.
She believes that your vulnerability and truth is a powerful key to making positive changes within yourself and the community.

Chloe Bestoyong – “Turn your pain into power and use it to fuel your purpose”

Edith Walker

Edith is a Fashion Celebrity Stylist and a mother to a stunning teenage daughter. With over 7 years in the fashion industry, Edith is breaking barriers and overcoming obstacles in one of the hardest industry to maintain success.

Passionate about her work and dedication to her daughter as a single mother Edith has had to overcome many challenges which have led her to become the strong independent woman she is today.

Raised in foster care and having lost her brother to suicide last year Edith is a campaigner on raising awareness of mental health in both men and women and a supporter in speaking out and talking about her issues and her experiences to help others.

Edith Walker  – “Never let a stumble in the road be the end of your journey”

Kimmy Famutimi

Kimmy’s life is the reality of a modern day mum in business. She specialises in Pre and Postnatal exercise and wellbeing. A mummy devoted to her two gorgeous boys, a business owner who runs her own mum and baby exercises classes aswel as providing online home workouts to mothers worldwide and providing one to one support. 

A devoted wife, cook, cleaner and all the other fun stuff that comes with being a mum in business. 
Born in Hastings by the sea Kimmy was raised by her father, her real transition in life came after having her children. Not having the best relationship with her mum gave her the determination she needed to be the best mum she could be for her two boys.
Passionate about empowering women and specialising in pre and postnatal wellbeing and exercise; Kimmy’s aim is to inspire and support all women.

Kimberley Famutimi “I stand for us women, for all the strong women… for the women that get back up every time something may knock them down”

Charlene Campbell

Charlene is an Architect, Director and Co-owner of a small practice in London, named Green Tea Architects. Becoming an Architect has been a personal achievement of persistence and dedication, as well as a great career move for Charlene along with being a mother. Both give her a profound sense of fulfilment.

Charlene welcomes the opportunity to share her experiences with people interested in starting a career in construction and women reluctant to take the leap due to their current or future work-home life-balance considerations.

Along with helping the movement of inspiring the next generation, breaking stereotypes, and providing boys and girls with positive reflections of themselves. Highlighting what is achievable with self-belief, hard work, and support.

Charlene Campbell – “Consistent, effective effort leads to success.”